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GRANDAD Before restoration

Grandad after being restored


Professional Photograph Restoration & Repair

Lets us restore the memories that the years have mistreated


If you have an old photo that is damaged, or you want a copy. I can help. I can repair damaged photographs, remove blemishes, colourise and tint old black and white photos. I can also work on new photos to get rid of red eyes, blemishes and much more.


Every restoration job includes a Free 7"x5" print
(Free Postage and Packing by recorded delivery)


Finished file to CD £2.50

I recommend that you should consider having restored work archived to a CD. This only costs £2.50 extra and provides you with a copy of all work that we have done on your behalf should you require extra prints in the future. Your restored photographs are archived as digital computer files on our system for a minimum of 2 months after which time they may be deleted.


Photo is in fair condition £26

  • Enhance brightness, contrast, sharpness, colour balance
  • Remove minor scratches and spots from the background


Photo is mediocre condition £36

  • Enhance brightness, contrast, sharpness, colour balance 
  • Remove more extensive scratches and creases 
  • Repair large blemishes and small areas of missing background 
  • Restore some lost definition to picture (not facial area's)


Photo is in poor condition £46 

  • Enhance brightness, contrast, sharpness, colour balance 
  • Restore torn photo from two or three pieces 
  • Remove large scratches, creases and blemishes 
  • Includes facial area's 
  • Rebuild medium area's of missing background/replace background completely 
  • Restore lost definition to picture

You can send your photos by email or post

By Email

If scanning please set your scanners resolution to a minimum of 300dpi - more for a small photo (i.e. less than 6" x 4"). Save the photo as a JPEG at a high quality setting (least compression). As further guidance; a 6" x 4" print's pixel dimensions would be around 1800 x 1200 and a 10" x 8" photo at 300dpi would have a pixel size of 3000 x 2400.

We can accept most image formats and ideally please use where you can send larger files for free and without clogging up your mail. If for any reason you can't use You Send It please try and keep the file size below 2MB or you may run into problems and long transfer times when emailing your picture.

Please include your name, address and telephone in the email and send it to

Sending by Post

Please send your photos in secure packaging. Sandwich your photo with stiff card or use a board-backed envelope to prevent folding or creasing in transit. You can find our address on our contact page. Don't hesitate to email, if you require further information.

"My Crinkly old school photo from 1958 was completely restored by Mike. Does he do photography - yes he does!!"

Eric W (Childswickam)


"Mike is so talented, he brought back to life my grandparent's wedding photograph, which was taken back in 1911"

Janice K (Cheltenham)


"Iduz Photography did an excellent job of restoring an old folded up and ripped photo and bringing it back to life. We were very pleased with the result, and all the detail that was put back. I would definitely recomment them :) "

Christina P ( Evesham)




Services offered:
Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Portrait, Photo restoration, Parties, Anniversaries, Proms

Evesham, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Oxford, Worcester, Redditch, Stratford, Malvern, Warwick, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire